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Remodeling Cents: What to do… Rebuild or Update that old deck

Remodeling Cents: What to do… Rebuild or Update that old deck

We get this question asked often. Its not an easy question to ask mainly because it deals with what you as the home owner perceives as a honest budget and what the desired look you are going for.

First I would like to point out if your deck is over 10 years of age you might want to consider replacing the entire deck do to a few major issues.

1. Post in the ground tend to rot and need to  be replaced

2. Building practices change and updated codes may require new safety measures.

3. New deck materials can offer and extended life to a new deck.

I do however realize that there are many of us that live in a budget strapped world and would like to potential save the deck they have or possibly just keep the substructure. I can certainly understand and have been there myself. The truth is the main structure of the deck is about a quarter of the total labor and material cost. Majority of the deck cost are in the decking products themselves and the railing.

I always advise a good inspection of the existing structure to be evaluated by a qualified installer before you reuse the substructure. If its cost saving your going for, I suggest looking at the decking and railing products and make sure your main structure is sound.

Happy building


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